Be A Leader


The Being a Leader Workshop turns learners into leaders. If you’ve studied leadership before but are still in pursuit of achieving your goal to lead, this course is for you.

If you’re reading about leadership or taking a class on the subject you are interested in being a leader. The outcome of this workshop,  really does align with the goal. When our time together is done, you won’t be practicing leadership techniques you’ve learned. Your natural state of being will have transformed to leadership. Your mindset will be to lead.

This four-part series covers a total of eight days and has an incredible impact. Interested? Contact us to apply. 

An ontological approach to leadership education makes it possible.

  • You will create a context that leaves you being a leader and exercising leadership effectively as your natural self-expression.
  • You will complete this course being who you need to be to be a leader.
  • You will complete this course with what it takes to exercise leadership effectively.

We are now accepting applications for the Fall Series.

Contact us for details.


Class dates:

  • September 18-19
  • October 16-17
  • November 13-14
  • December 11-12