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High Impact Executive Coaching

Leading others to achieve extraordinary results is a rare talent. It requires a distinct set of skills that few have mastered – even among the realm of top executives charged with leadership roles. Chrysalis coaching guides your leaders in attaining these skills and provides them with valuable insights.

Through a series of one-on-one coaching sessions, we equip leaders with new perspectives, approaches and abilities that elevate their effectiveness and increase their day-to-day performance. You may wish to alter a particular leadership style, transcend current limitations, be more effective influencing others or make a breakthrough in a specific area. Tell us your highest aspirations and our coaches will create a program to fulfill them.

We call this "high-impact" for a reason. You will be challenged to reach goals that have seemed historically impossible. And as a result of our work together, you will deliver what you’ve been unable to deliver before. Past performance and experience will no longer limit your thinking, your landscape of possibilities or your actions. Practices inconsistent with your goals will be eliminated. And you will harness the capacity to clearly and powerfully articulate your vision, and enroll others in its fulfillment.

Coaching programs are designed around your goals and schedule. Engagements are typically six months to a year.

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"Chrysalis Consulting is different. In fact, Chrysalis exceeded my expectations. We’re now in our third year practicing the Chrysalis methods and it’s absolutely the best decision I’ve ever made as a business owner."

Lupe Fraga
Tejas Office Products