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The Extraordinary Leader

The Extraordinary Leader inspires and provokes the innovative thinking and bold action required to maximize the opportunities afforded by the current economic recovery.

This program is designed for leaders who are out to produce something unprecedented for their business that causes the necessary shifts in thinking and behavior that enable leaders to transcend the barriers that keep them from reaching their highest potential.

The Extraordinary Leader Program participants will experience an immediate, significant, positive impact on the quality of their performance, productivity and team effectiveness. Participants also increase their ability to lead others within their organization.

The Extraordinary Leader Program includes:

  • Pre-Program self assessment
  • 4 full-day sessions

What can I expect from The Extraordinary Leader Program?

  • Expand current leadership strength
  • Examine and transform counterproductive behaviors
  • Master being highly effective in communication
  • Ability to create a breakthrough in measurable results
  • Understand the difference between Management and Leadership and how to recognize what's needed in any situation
  • Understand The Three Laws of Performance and how to apply them in your organization


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Tuition: $1,600.00 per person (discounts available for multi-person office registrations)

For more information on The Extraordinary Leader Program please call, 281-970-3090 or click here.

Mission Control Productivity & Accomplishment Workshop

Learn how to be productive in the 21st Century
Build new work habits that leave you more powerful, focused, and productive.

Mission Control provides solutions for people who are overwhelmed by the amount they have to do and handle; increasing productivity while reducing the stress associated with the demand on their time and attention.

Having held productivity training for organizations such as Ford Motor Company, Honda, and Novartis, Mission Control Productivity, LLC has been recognized as offering one of the Top Training Products of the Year by Human Resource Executive magazine.

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Tuition: $795.00 2-day workshop and $395.00 for Reviewers.  

For more information on Productivity & Accomplishment Workshop please call, 281-970-3090 or click here.


Producing Sales Results

Producing Sales Results is a live one and one-half day workshop that enables sales professionals to build and manage a sales pipeline using the foundations and fundamentals of Mission Control.

This workshop is for sales professionals who want to:

  • Dramatically increase their sales productivity,
  • Produce the selling results that are most important to their success,
  • Learn a new way to think about, organize and manage their sales pipeline and daily sales work,
  • Reduce stress and worry, and
  • Create a new level of focus and effectiveness in their work and life.

This workshop is ideal for:

  • Territory Managers, District Managers and Sales Executives in medium and large companies
  • Entrepreneurs and small business owners who sell their own services
  • Sales professionals, field sales reps, sales support professionals, virtual team sales members
  • Independent professionals who sell their consulting, insurance, financial services or real estate services
  • Sales Training Managers

After completing this program, you will be able to:

  • Effectively build and manage your sales pipeline
  • Relate to "everything there is for you to do and handle" within your sales cycle in an empowering context
  • Develop new work habits to be more productive, accomplished, focused and energized
  • Describe the impact of completion and incompletion on your productivity
  • Identify, ongoingly, what is of utmost importance as a natural way to ensure, as a sales professional, you are at work fulfilling on your accountabilities to deliver the results you are committed to
  • Set up and use the Mission Control System Tools and Work Practices within your existing software.

For more information on Producing Sales Results please call, 281-970-3090 or click here.