Insights Discovery & Mission Control

are education-based, research-backed systems that have proven effective to transform the way people function in their businesses and their lives. Chrysalis Partners also develops custom workshops for teams which whom we consult.

Insights Discovery is a Carl Jung personality assessment that helps teams improve performance by understanding themselves and each other’s strengths and communications styles. Before the workshop, your team will take the Insights Discovery Personal Profile. Results will indicate communication preferences and how we take in and process information. During the workshop we’ll discuss the strengths of each color, how to best work with each color and the dynamics of the “colors” present on your team.

Mission Control

This  2-day productivity workshop for individuals focuses on time management and getting real about what we have to do and the time it takes to do it. It also touches on defining and making time to do the things that matter most. Chrysalis can bring the Mission Control program to your business or you can bring your team to one of our public workshops. Contact us for information on scheduled classes and pricing information.





Custom-Designed Workshops

Your objectives are unique to your company and your team. There’s no cookie-cutter program that addresses exactly what you need. So, as we come to understand what you’re working on through our consulting and coaching work, it’s not uncommon for us to develop one or two-day workshops for teams inside organizations.

Chrysalis hosts offsite events at Wimberley Hills Retreat Center. Bring your board or leadership team to develop the future of your organization. Take time away to team build and grow effectiveness to the next level. Define the future you desire. Plan a retreat for your organization or attend one of our scheduled events. Contact us for more information.


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