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C-Level Leadership

C-level executives have obviously made it to the top, but that doesn’t mean they can’t achieve something even higher. Chrysalis consultants are adept at coaching company leaders to go beyond the abilities that got them to their current positions. They learn ways to perform at their highest potential and inspire their people to deliver extraordinary results.

High-level leaders tend to lack leadership that they themselves can follow. They have no one to bounce ideas off of, no one to help them grow. Chrysalis consultants have deep experience coaching individuals at this level. We create a confidential peer relationship that helps leaders sort out their challenges, issues, strengths and shortcomings.

We help leaders realize that the solution isn’t in working harder, but in expanding their capacities. We illuminate their blind spots and help them see how their current mode of operation is producing their current results. We guide them in seeing a new way to operate that will produce results that most would not predict.

Chrysalis builds its reputation on getting results. We only coach at this level when, together with the executive, we can see a true vision for success ahead. This naturally establishes an air of accountability. Through coaching sessions, our clients realize actions they can use to expand their future and define the pathway to achieve extraordinary results. These are the kinds of top-down actions that can lift entire organizations.

“The 6-week Leaders Edge for Educators seminar facilitated by Chrysalis has helped extend and amplify my thinking about my leadership in powerful and practical ways.”

Teresa Stoger
Principal, Grady Middle School