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Emerging Leaders

Companies may have effective, talented and even inspirational leaders. Yet it’s quite natural for those same leaders to not recognize and develop leadership capabilities in others. Obviously, solid leadership development and succession are critical to the success of any organization. Chrysalis shows you the way and opens the door for new company leadership to emerge.

We assist you in designing and implementing plans that leave no question as to the solidity of your organization’s future leadership. With our guidance, you’re able to put a concrete program in place for leadership succession as well as the development of individuals to fill new leadership roles.

It starts with assessment. Based on your current business and future goals, we identify gaps in your leadership succession provisions and determine what strengths and capabilities future leaders will need to fill those gaps. From there we help you identify your strongest leadership candidates. We then work with these emerging leaders, training and preparing them to advance to the next level of responsibility and enhancing their propensity for success.

In short, through this process you discover the kind of leadership you need, you reveal which individuals have the best potential to fill those needs, and you help those individuals rise up to that potential.

“I felt so passionate about my experience that we are bringing Chrysalis to our location to train 12 other leaders in our organization so that we can all be more effective in our work.”

Angela McDaniel
Vice President, Employee Benefit Solutions, Inc.