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Group and Team Effectiveness

Every person in your company has specific roles and individual goals. If you can bring all those various roles into a harmony of collaboration, coordination and communication, you can reach goals that reside at a much higher level. Chrysalis can show you how to conduct this powerful symphony of talents.

The first step is to empower your people to establish new winning practices. We help people understand the collective value of working as a team. As a result your people naturally come together to make a group commitment, rather than paying lip service to a management directive. Everyone operates consistently toward the group’s goals, not the individual’s.

In this new realm, groups achieve extraordinary results because their actions are completely aligned. We help your people determine what realities have to be dealt with for the team to succeed, so all individuals have a clear understanding of the part they play in the orchestrated effort. This creates individual and group accountability, which leads to outstanding and timely outcomes. These are the kinds of coordinated actions that drop straight to the bottom line.

“We have been able to develop a more cohesive management team, which has resulted in a positive change in our culture. We have seen an improvement in overall patient and employee satisfaction.”

Mike Mann, M.D., F.A.C.S.
Mann Eye Institute