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Organizational Strategy

Companies typically execute based on knowledge gained from past experiences and outcomes. This narrow frame of reference can be an immense barrier, without companies even knowing it’s there. Chrysalis helps you break through the limitations of this natural predisposition and create a compelling future for your company.

We help you go beyond what you are as an organization to what you actually want to be. Together we create a new era for your company by identifying strategic turning points and drawing a road map so you can decisively make those crucial turns. This strategy has a broad effect. It gives your leadership the insight and tools needed to identify market opportunities and adopt an operating model that helps your company gain the competitive advantage.

Understandably, consultants have earned a reputation for being strong on advice and slim on execution. Chrysalis is different. Rather than giving you advice and wishing you luck, we help you implement your strategy. This goes beyond just showing you what to do and how to do it. We also inspire you to understand why you are doing it. We shine a bright light on what success could look like if the right steps are taken. This is the kind of insight that gets results.

"Chrysalis has enabled me to support my employees better by giving me the tools to uncover barriers to their success. We’re now building a new and improved management team using these tools. In fact, we’re on track for our best year ever."

Stewart Jacobson
Dearborn and Creggs