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Today’s top organizations understand that their ability to grow and succeed is directly tied to the effectiveness of their teams. The problem is team dynamics are complex, and without clear insight into the strengths, weaknesses, communications style, and value of each individual member, your leaders are flying blind.

At Chrysalis Partners, our Insights Discovery program will increase self-understanding and awareness of an organization’s individuals, teams, and leaders in order to generate long-term, lasting results that eliminate the barriers to your business’ success.

Increase Awareness

Foster Collaboration & Partnership

Create Powerful Breakthroughs

Don’t Settle for Mediocre Team Performance.

Insights Discovery Promotes Performance at the Highest Level

Give your leaders and teams the awareness, self-understanding, and strategies they need to build highly collaborative and effective work relationships that deliver long-term results.

  • Build Self-Awareness
  • Maximize Team Productivity
  • Foster Clear Communication
  • Reduce Team Conflict
  • Support Effective Leadership
If you are looking to have a breakthrough in your business, Insights is a great place to start. Self-awareness promotes performance at the highest level.
According to Forbes Magazine 90% of top performers are considered to be highly self-aware.


of top performers are highly self-aware

What our Clients Are SAying

“Insights has really increased our communication with each other. It’s reduced conflict and people don’t take things so personally. It’s improved our effectiveness with our clients as well.”

Director of Training & Development

Global Organization

“Insights was such a positive impact on our Leadership team, we decided to do it with our entire company. People are getting along better”


Government Corporation

“Insights increased the effectiveness of our teams, by allowing them to bypass typical communication pitfalls, including ‘preconceived notions’ and ‘a need for control’.”

Vice President Human Resources

Civil Engineering Firm

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In 2017 Insights Discovery was awarded the coveted Occupational Test Tools Certification Mark, from global quality assurance and psychological test assessors DNV GL. Additionally Insights Discovery has received the PTC Kitemark from the British Psychological Society (BPS) and their testing centre the PTC (Psychological Testing Centre). This independent assessment ensures the tool complies with the EFPA Test Review guidelines upon which the awarding of such certification is based.


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