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Bambi is a member of the National Speakers Association and has been a keynote presenter at industry conferences and company events across the globe. She is a storyteller with a unique ability to authentically connect with audiences of all sizes. Her content is backed by the substance of science and data-driven research. What’s more the takeaways of her presentations are actionable and clearly defined.



Bambi’s keynotes and group presentations build upon topics she has learned to be common truths as a result of her work as a coach and consultant with thousands of individuals over the years. At the center of Bambi’s work is science and research that explains why we do what we do as humans in business. Bambi’s talks build an understanding around the way our brains work and the psychology involved in interpersonal communications so we can then use awareness to reach the next level in our professional and personal lives.

Bambi speaks on the topics of

  • Leadership
  • Cultural Alignment
  • Personal Empowerment
  • Living a Fulfilled Life
  • The Power of Intention


Bambi shares illustrative examples and analogies to drive home the concept/point and provide audiences with content they can sink their teeth into.


How many times have you left an enlightening presentation saying,, “now what?” Bambi leaves audiences with insights that support action as a result of attending.


Bambi’s candor, delivery, and personable presentation style provide positive energy and inspiration. The content is moving and powerful, but attending is also fun!

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